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A walk through of the translation process for OghmaNano

Help translate OghmaNano into your language!

OghmaNano currently supports the following languages:

Chinese (China), Ukrainian (Ukrain), Russian (Russia), Portuguese (Portugugal), Portuguese (Brizal), Polish (Poland), Japanese, Italian (Itally), Hindi, French (France), Estonian (Estonia), Spanish (Spain), Greek (Greece), German (Germany), Welsh, Arabic,

To help improve a translation:

Download the poedit, which is a translation editor. Then click on the name of the language above to download the po file. Once done just send me the translation. All help welcome!

To add a new translation:

Download the poedit, which is a translation editor. Then download the OghmaNano pot file (here) which contains all the phrases to be translated. Then start translating! Once done just send me the translation.

What are po/pot files?

po/pot files contain all the english phrases used in a piece of software, under each phrase is a gap for the translation. Each po file is assosiatd with a target language for example es_ES.po would target the spanish language.

More details on translating OghmaNano

There is a walkthrough on translating OghmaNano in the video on the top right of this web page. You do not need to be able to program to be able to do it. The summary of the video is below:

Why translate OghmaNano?

The more people who understand the device physics of solar cells, the better our chance of developing light harvesting devices to supply our energy needs. This is the reason I make OghmaNano available. A key part of fulfilling this aim is translating OghmaNano into languages other than English, because many good scientists do not speak English, but would benefit from access to high quality solar cell simulation software. Please help the development of better solar cells, by joining the OghmaNano translation project and translating OghmaNano into your language!

The advantages of helping with OghmaNano translation !